We Become What We Behold

Embark on a thought-provoking journey of human behavior with We Become What We Behold. This unique and minimalist indie game challenges players to observe and understand the consequences of their actions. Your mission? To capture moments in a bustling world and witness how your choices shape the narrative.

Controlling the game is straightforward. Use your mouse or touchscreen to interact with the game's world. As you zoom in and capture moments by taking pictures, you'll begin to notice patterns and connections between the characters and their behaviors. The game's intuitive controls let you focus on observation and storytelling.

In this experimental game, you'll step into the role of an observer, capturing and broadcasting moments in a bustling society. As you photograph various characters, you'll see how their actions and reactions are influenced by your choices. The game explores the idea that the media's portrayal of reality can shape people's behavior. It's a fascinating and thought-provoking experience that challenges players to reflect on the power of media and perception.

We Become What We Behold is a game that rewards keen observation, critical thinking, and empathy. Whether you're interested in exploring the impact of media or simply looking for an engaging and thought-provoking experience, this game offers a unique and compelling narrative. Will you uncover the underlying message and come to understand the profound connections between perception and behavior?

If you're ready to dive into a captivating exploration of human behavior and media influence, We Become What We Behold is the game for you. Immerse yourself in a world of observation and storytelling, and see how the choices you make shape the lives of the characters you encounter.

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